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May. 8th, 2012 12:21 am
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player information.

name: Lauren
are you over 18?: 26
personal dw: [personal profile] pinikir
email/msn/aim/plurk/etc: Plurk: pinikir Aim: laurenpinikir
characters in abax: lol I am stopping after Kelly - comic!Rogue, Laura Kinney, Kaylee Frye

in character information.

series: Misfits
name: Kelly Bailey
age: 20
sex: F
race: Human or Chav (What it is a species!)
weight: 140
height: 5”8’
[OPTIONAL] cause of death: n/a
canon point: Misfits Series 3 after the episode 4
previous cr: n/a

here and here

Kelly comes off as your typical chav. She lives on an estate and isn’t that smart. Her hair is scraped back in a high, tight pony tail and she has the largest, cheap golden hoops that you can get in Argos. She also has an attitude, and wades in with fists to fights.

When she is threatened, Kelly thinks nothing of using her fists or whatever is handy to protect herself. She brained their probation worker with a fire extinguisher when he tried to kill them and she hasn't been above hair pulling and or slapping Nathan when she thought it was making fun of her. Each time she acts she gives no fucks about what people think of her for her violence. However, she does care a lot about what people think of her.

Behind the stereotypical image of a chav, Kelly is a much more complex character. She is very insecure about how people perceive her. Kelly landed herself in community service when she got into a fight because a girl called her a ‘slag’. Her worry about this label continues through the show. When Bruno, the guerrilla who became a man wanted to sleep with her, she said alright but that she wasn’t a slag. She confesses to Nathan that she has only slept with a few men. She doesn’t think men find her pretty and she jumps down everyone's throat the moment she thinks they are commenting on how she looks.

When her looks are compromised Kelly becomes aggressive as she doesn’t have her ‘armour’ of her chav appearance. During the first series, the girl she had fought with at Argos turns, up Kelly loss her hair, she hides it behind a wig. When anyone asks her a question she turns it back on them, treating it like a slight on her. It continues until Nathan discovers that she is bald and reassures her. With the reassurances, Kelly became less aggressive and returned to her bolshy self.

Despite her bolshiness, Kelly is loyal and has a heart larger than the community center. She cares about the people around her. One of the guys, Simon, comes off very quiet and gets teased a lot and Kelly is quick to come to his defense when she can see that other people are getting to him. She’s told them all to ‘lay off him, yeah’ and ‘I’ll kick you balls in if you touch him again’, at one point or another. The same goes for the other Misfits, she always has a comforting word when someone is in pain.

Kelly’s caring attitude also means that she falls for guys quickly even when the feelings might not be returned so quickly. She revealed to Nathan on a drug fueled night that sometimes she thinks she could love him, but she doesn’t want to tell him in case he hurts her like other guys. The previous guy she had liked, had dumped her after they had been engaged. In series three, Kelly despite disasters, is still open to guys. Later, she will hook up with Seth, and she is only a little more cautious about giving herself to him.

So that’s Kelly, the big hearted chav, with a mean couple of fists. She’ll go in fists firsts to defend herself and her friends and think later. Oh yeah and she swears and smokes like a sailor.

abilities/powers: Kelly’s power is that she is a rocket scientist. When she asked for this power, she thought it would make her smart, but it has only done when it says on the tin. She can fix and work with anything that would form part of a ship, so she is able to fix less complex things like a car and rewire an alarm system.

first person sample:

[Kelly is at the mall with a fire extinguisher in one hand and the comm in the other. She looks pissed.] What kind of fucking dickhead thinks it would be a joke to fill a mall with killer plastic?

[She swings the fire extinguisher at a mannequin and brains it.] Come and get me then. [She seems to be addressing the whole of shell of the mall, and adds] Wankers.

What do I have to do to get a packet of fags around here?

third person sample:

This place had to be some sort of sick joke. Whoever had dreamed it up was a wanker. If Kelly ever got her hands on them their lives wouldn't be worth living. She stood in front of the mirror and scrapped her pony tail up even higher, focusing on getting every strand flat. She was sure people had been laughing themselves sick when she came out of the morgue in nothing but a flimsy gown. Well screw them. Only someone pretty like Alisha could make that look good. They weren’t going to get a chance to laugh again. If someone did she would kick them hard between the legs they'd be seeing stars for months.

Now that she had jeans and a top Kelly had other priorities. She’d kill for some decent eyeliner and a baseball bat. Nathan had told her that there were vampires here and for once he hadn’t been kidding. For once he hadn't been joking. Well if they, or any killer animals came after her or her friends she was going to stab the life out of them. She was sick of people trying to mess with them.

Abax was just another fucking giant community center. Half the people around here might as well live have lived on her estate. The only thing missing was the constant pregnancies. It was enough to put her off traveling for life. What was the point in spending money to go somewhere if it was all the same anyway?

Kelly turned her head to one side and then the other, checking her hair one last time before she walked out of the room with her arms folded. She was a fucking rocket scientist and there was no way, she wasn't going to find a way out of this latest shit hole in the next couple of weeks.

case no: n/a